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Chuck Schuldiner (Part 1 of 3)

When it comes to the history of extreme heavy metal Chuck Schuldiner will always have a chapter, as the media proclaimed Godfather of Death Metal, he would invent a sound and style of the underground that would influence the genre eternally. However despite the brutal name of his band Death and the genres boundary pushing existence in horror, gore, and violence. The person behind the sounds birth, was never one to fit into a mold or label to the music he inspired, instead would create a truly original voice that would go beyond any genre. Part 1 of 3

Dance Marathons (Part 2 of 2)

October 28th, 1929 would be labeled Black Tuesday and would spark the end of the roaring 20’s and the beginning of the great depression in America, prohibition laws still in effect would create the rise of gangster culture and the newspaper would document the violence daily even making heroes out of the likes of gangsters like Al Capone, the desperation would bleed directly into entertainment as promoters and law officers would mimic the behavior of those above the law, and the fun endurance competition known as Dance Marathons would change into exploiting those who had no options for survival, distracting America through radio frequencies as contestants tortured themselves for months to keep a roof over there head and food in their stomach. Part 2 of 2

Dance Marathons (Part 1 of 2)

When records in athletic events like the Olympics started to bring people fame and fortune, the common people of the world started doing endurance tests to gain the same record breaking notoriety as athletic achievements. The 1920's was a breeding ground for trends and fads that would be built on human endurance. Flag pole sitting, foot races, and marathon dancing would start to become news stories across the modern invention of radio broadcasting, and advertisers were first in line for the drama built around the contests, but after the stock market crash and the Great Depression swept across America these tests would become much more than simple games of fame and fortune. Part 1 of 2

Charles Bukowski (Part 3 of 3)

Decades of writing and keeping a normal 9 to 5 job would finally come to an end for Charles Bukowski after the release of his first novel Post Office, and the words that he passionately dictated would become his life and reality. His voice wold reach an audience and they would clamor for more, some would fall in love with him, some would detest him, and he would embrace this lifestyle completely, cementing a legacy of someone who gave up on any social norms, embraced addictions, womanizing, and hopeless cynicism. Putting pen to paper he worked harder than everyone he knew to justify that philosophy of being a true loner, and lived in constant chaos but made it look easy and even fun. Part 3 of 3

Charles Bukowski (Part 2 of 3)

The childhood behind him and the life of a drifter ahead. Charles Bukowski would gather genuine life experience by being the outcast he was always taught to be, and his voice as a writer would not compromise. Finding a partner would change everything for him as a person, writer, and his addiction to alcohol would be more of a pro than a con in his existence, but with that brought a wild card of drama and an embrace and apply of a lifestyle shunned by the masses. Part 2 of 3

Charles Bukowski (Part 1 of 3)

Every person embraces a demon in life and gets tied to it, but Charles Bukowski made his demons cool. Writing in such a genuine cynicism that you would want to sit next to him to see the show that would be his life. Unapologetic to everyone he would embrace his addictions as a personality that would always be tied to his world view. Born on August 16th, 1920 in Germany, and growing up through the great depression, the voice of dirty realism would have hard lessons from the start of his life which would paint his future world view. Part 1 of 3

John O'Brien Part 2 of 2

Is the fantasy left behind the legacy of an artist? Is the goal to reach the world and leave a positive mark on other’s lives? John O’ Brien would be the seed to motivate and change the lives of many that his work influenced, but the story of who he was when he was will always be secondary to the character he created, Ben and Sera or Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue. Leaving Las Vegas would change all the lives that would take his work and translate it to cinema but it never changed his and as the creation to tell his story to millions as opposed to thousands would become a reality, his reality would be become the tragic back story of a press release to one of the most captivating and heartbreaking love story in the history of American Cinema. Part 2 of 2

John O'Brien Part 1 of 2

Self destruction and art have always found a kinship in searching for truth. The words an author creates, when they are unquestionable genuine, always outweighs the legacy of the person who created them. John O'Brien was on that pursuit, embracing the glorious moments of the broken, the fake confidence that gives that person a feeling of truly being alive, and showing the world everyone can find the story tale love despite their demons. The pages who wrote defined these philosophies but the reality of the demons that got him there would get the last word. Part 1 of 2

Insane Clown Posse 2 of 3

After Carnival of Carnage dropped the Insane Clown Posse was met with horrible reviews from music critiques, and the major labels turning them down immediately. The persistent of the underground and Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope would not waiver as the mythos and marketing behind the group would find an untapped market and audience. The Joker Card imagery and the horror movie lyrics would speak directly too many and as the Juggalo Family grew ICP was now on the radar of all those money men that laughed at them. Part 2 of 3

Insane Clown Posse 1 of 3

Few hip hop groups would be as unlikely to succeed as ICP was, but the found a core fanbase that nobody wanted or thought was out there and united them in a culture that would define many's lives. The Inner City Posse would form and want to conquer the world of wrestling and eventually hip hop, but couldn't break through until the group took on a new image and name the would speak to the masses and change their lives and futures forever. Part 1 of 3

Woodstock Part 3 of 3

Recreating magic that occurred the weekend in Bethel, New York at Max Yasgur’s farm would be a lifelong journey for festival co founder Michael Lang, but with an expectation set of 3 days of peace and love and unity for half a million people would be difficult. In the process of finding that magic the 60’s counter culture movement would be destroyed, complete corporate takeovers, media takeovers, rapes, murders, fires, and full scale riots would eventually be associated with the brand. The legacy of Woodstock and that magically weekend can never be tarnished but the sequels will always be a black mark on the legacy and a lesson to generations ahead. Part 3 of 3

Woodstock Part 2 of 3

The budget went over 600 percent and the construction would never get completed, but the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival was a revolution. A free concert, not by design, that would define a culture and music more than any moment in the history of America. Woodstock would garner an audience of nearly half a million people that would live for 3 days in rough conditions and show the world the possibility of peace and love that would silence all the critics fears and define the power of youth culture . Part 2 of 3

Woodstock Part 1 of 3

The 60’s were a time that was redefining culture in America and the generation known as the baby boomers had the challenge of living there lives through an influx of turmoil. 18 year olds were being drafted to a war in Vietnam, the leaders for change were being assassinated on a yearly basis, rejection of all the was the basis of survival for many and living in the moment would become a philosophy, counter culture would embrace sex, drugs, and homelessness as a new form of society, and rock n roll would become not just a outlet to those but also a safe haven. The meeting of all the chaos would form on a dairy farm into 1969 as the decade and summer of love ended with 3 days that defined a generation and culture forever. Part 1 of 3

Jerry Springer Part 2 of 2

After the failed attempt to go through politics because of a prostitution scandal, Jerry Springer would take his talents to the news becoming a TV anchorman winning 10 Emmy's, but when opportunity knocked for a daytime TV show Jerry would put all his eggs in that basket. Although the show was not controversial or outrageous in anyway, when ratings needed a boost the world would be introduced to the sex, violence, and debauchery that will always be tied to his name and legacy on TV. Part 2 of 2

Jerry Springer Part 1 of 2

The story of the man behind some of television's most outrageous and lowest moments would be grounded in positive change for society in his youth. Jerry Springer would grow up in a home of survivors and educate himself into politics, changing important laws, and following leaders like RFK. Throughout his intelligence and ambitious ways he would face the turmoil of a secret life that would derail one path and open the door for him to be the one of the sleaziest names in daytime television history. Part 1 of 2

Dave Brockie Part 2 of 2

Scumdogs of The Universe was released on January 8th, 1990 and the reaction would be immediate, the Slave Pit team that created this ultra offensive metal band of space aliens would get reactions from all. Dave Brockie would lead the charge and continue to create art that disturbed, took no prisoner, and took a made as laugh at everything wrong. The concept of GWAR would truly take perseverance through the years and as each album release would continue, line ups would change, musical trends would change, but there was only one GWAR, and only one Dave Brockie. The alter ego of Oderus Urungus would take on a life of its own and 30 years later the legacy of what was created at Richmond Dairy and its mastermind that kept it alive still stand true. Part 2 of 2

Dave Brockie Part 1 of 2

Dave Brockie was an outsider but a leader among those in Richmond, Virginia, USA. The punk rocker that would turn to music while attending VCU would immerse himself in underground art and culture at the abandoned Richmond Dairy Building, and as the years went on he would create a stage experience and world with the help of many in that culture. Becoming Oderus Urungus frontman of the Heavy Metal trailblazers GWAR. Part 1 of 2

Cruising Part 2 of 2

Protestors were lined outside of the movie theater on Feb. 7th, 1980 to picket the film that would incite violence against homosexuals, but after the scathing reviews by critics, audiences seemed to be indifferent. All the dangerous hype that the movie had during the filming and advertising all went away, but despite the film failing at the box office, it would still be linked to a notorious crime 7 months later and the fears of the gay community would come to fruition. Part 2 of 2

Cruising Part 1 of 2

Few Films had an entire community protest it during filming like William Friedkin's Crusing.Red Flag after red flag wold go unnoticed by the filmmaking team as they would create one of the most controversial films of the 1980's. The gay community would claim the film promoted murdering gay people and associated and entire community with a subculture of the leather bars and sex clubs. Between all this actor insanity actor Al Pacino would tackle the lead role and almost ruin his A list status after the release of the film not due to the controversial nature but due to how awful the final product was and his performance would be seen by movie critics. Part 1 of 2

John Walsh Part 3 of 3

After the success of America's Most Wanted John Walsh would use his status on television to start getting laws changed in America to protect children from predators. Championing Amber Alerts, the sex offender registry, and Code Adam he would help establish and save many children with laws implemented across the 50 states of America. After the cancellation of America's Most Wanted the fire behind John Walsh would still burn and he would recruit his son as the voice for the voiceless in justice, and the Walshes would keep cracking the impossible case to give justice to those who lost hope. Part 3 of 3

John Walsh Part 2 of 3

Fighting Back against the system that allowed his son's murderer to not face justice, John Walsh and his wife Revé would change legislative in America forever so nobody would experience what they did. After changing laws across America a new television station FOX would come to John Walsh with a proposition that would allow him to help others get the justice he never did, and the legacy of America's greatest manhunter and the proof of the power of Television fighting crime would begin. Part 2 of 3