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Woodstock Part 1 of 3

The 60’s were a time that was redefining culture in America and the generation known as the baby boomers had the challenge of living there lives through an influx of turmoil. 18 year olds were being drafted to a war in Vietnam, the leaders for change were being assassinated on a yearly basis, rejection of all the was the basis of survival for many and living in the moment would become a philosophy, counter culture would embrace sex, drugs, and homelessness as a new form of society, and rock n roll would become not just a outlet to those but also a safe haven. The meeting of all the chaos would form on a dairy farm into 1969 as the decade and summer of love ended with 3 days that defined a generation and culture forever. Part 1 of 3

Jerry Springer Part 2 of 2

After the failed attempt to go through politics because of a prostitution scandal, Jerry Springer would take his talents to the news becoming a TV anchorman winning 10 Emmy's, but when opportunity knocked for a daytime TV show Jerry would put all his eggs in that basket. Although the show was not controversial or outrageous in anyway, when ratings needed a boost the world would be introduced to the sex, violence, and debauchery that will always be tied to his name and legacy on TV. Part 2 of 2

Jerry Springer Part 1 of 2

The story of the man behind some of television's most outrageous and lowest moments would be grounded in positive change for society in his youth. Jerry Springer would grow up in a home of survivors and educate himself into politics, changing important laws, and following leaders like RFK. Throughout his intelligence and ambitious ways he would face the turmoil of a secret life that would derail one path and open the door for him to be the one of the sleaziest names in daytime television history. Part 1 of 2

Dave Brockie Part 2 of 2

Scumdogs of The Universe was released on January 8th, 1990 and the reaction would be immediate, the Slave Pit team that created this ultra offensive metal band of space aliens would get reactions from all. Dave Brockie would lead the charge and continue to create art that disturbed, took no prisoner, and took a made as laugh at everything wrong. The concept of GWAR would truly take perseverance through the years and as each album release would continue, line ups would change, musical trends would change, but there was only one GWAR, and only one Dave Brockie. The alter ego of Oderus Urungus would take on a life of its own and 30 years later the legacy of what was created at Richmond Dairy and its mastermind that kept it alive still stand true. Part 2 of 2

Dave Brockie Part 1 of 2

Dave Brockie was an outsider but a leader among those in Richmond, Virginia, USA. The punk rocker that would turn to music while attending VCU would immerse himself in underground art and culture at the abandoned Richmond Dairy Building, and as the years went on he would create a stage experience and world with the help of many in that culture. Becoming Oderus Urungus frontman of the Heavy Metal trailblazers GWAR. Part 1 of 2

Cruising Part 2 of 2

Protestors were lined outside of the movie theater on Feb. 7th, 1980 to picket the film that would incite violence against homosexuals, but after the scathing reviews by critics, audiences seemed to be indifferent. All the dangerous hype that the movie had during the filming and advertising all went away, but despite the film failing at the box office, it would still be linked to a notorious crime 7 months later and the fears of the gay community would come to fruition. Part 2 of 2

Cruising Part 1 of 2

Few Films had an entire community protest it during filming like William Friedkin's Crusing.Red Flag after red flag wold go unnoticed by the filmmaking team as they would create one of the most controversial films of the 1980's. The gay community would claim the film promoted murdering gay people and associated and entire community with a subculture of the leather bars and sex clubs. Between all this actor insanity actor Al Pacino would tackle the lead role and almost ruin his A list status after the release of the film not due to the controversial nature but due to how awful the final product was and his performance would be seen by movie critics. Part 1 of 2

John Walsh Part 3 of 3

After the success of America's Most Wanted John Walsh would use his status on television to start getting laws changed in America to protect children from predators. Championing Amber Alerts, the sex offender registry, and Code Adam he would help establish and save many children with laws implemented across the 50 states of America. After the cancellation of America's Most Wanted the fire behind John Walsh would still burn and he would recruit his son as the voice for the voiceless in justice, and the Walshes would keep cracking the impossible case to give justice to those who lost hope. Part 3 of 3

John Walsh Part 2 of 3

Fighting Back against the system that allowed his son's murderer to not face justice, John Walsh and his wife Revé would change legislative in America forever so nobody would experience what they did. After changing laws across America a new television station FOX would come to John Walsh with a proposition that would allow him to help others get the justice he never did, and the legacy of America's greatest manhunter and the proof of the power of Television fighting crime would begin. Part 2 of 3