Brandon Hahn


Brandon “Gooch” Hahn wears many hats. He is the afternoon on-air personality on KOMP 92.3 The Rock Station in Las Vegas, sex symbol, accomplished stand-up comedian, professional sandwich taster, role model, and he’s also the co-host of the best podcast in the Galaxy, ‘Rise To Offend’.

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Jozalyn Sharp


Jozalyn Sharp spends most of her free time partying with friends and saying yes to life. A little addicted to porn, a lot addicted to sex and food. A self proclaimed nerd she knows a little about a lot of things but is only an expert on one thing: getting messed up and having a good time. When she isn't on stage somewhere regaling crowds with her stories, she's co-host of the popular podcasts Rise to Offend and The JolleySharp Hour on iTunes. 

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Pete Spajic


Petar Spajic is born and raised in the city of Las Vegas. He is a proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from UNLV, and all the student loans that accompany such an accomplishment. A writer of scripts, plays, and comic books. It is more likely he has built your home or stocked your grocery than you having read one of his masterpieces.

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