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A podcast about the history of individuals that offended society and, in the process, changed it.
Each week your hosts - Petar Spajic, Brandon Hahn and Jozalyn Sharp - discuss one figure who truly offended, some for the positive and some for the negative, and how history sees them today.

Floyd Mayweather Part 1 of 2

The greatest boxer of a generation? The greatest villain in sports history? The richest athlete of all time? Questions that all apply to Floyd Mayweather Jr. with different answer depending on who you are talking with, but one thing is for certain his youth, environment, and upbringing was as difficult as they come, and in many ways he was set to fail, overcoming all for a sport that was in his blood, and a focus to a prize, Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s arrogance and obnoxious behavior will always be a part of his legacy, but the story to the persona shows it may have been necessary to become the legend he is today. Part 1 of 2

G.G. Allin Part 2 of 2

G.G. Allin could not be controlled and his addictions and refusal to conform in anyway became a mantra, his behavior becoming extremely unpredictable due to his addiction, he was open about his racism, pedophilia, coprophagia, and violence, allowing his musical performances becoming a novelty act and a event of danger, spending years in jail for his performances and being arrested 52 times in 12 states, he promises the world that he will commit suicide on stage to his fans and the world, but the outcome was more cliche than what he was trying to sell, and the legend grew despite the reality of what he was. PART 2 OF 2

G.G. Allin Part 1 of 2

G.G. Allin is the most celebrate degenerate in the history of punk rock, the first 10 years of his life were true horror, creating what would eventually be one of the most hated figures in musical history, known to some as the most true and extreme version of the punk rock mantra of the 80’s, and to many more as a novelty act of an addict with mental issues, through his constant trouble with the law, and his narcissistic philosophy that would be questioned by many, the hardest question to answer will always be if he was legitimate or someone who was emboldened by an audience that promoted self deprecation and glorified his trauma. Part 1 of 2

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Part 3 of 3

After critical and commercial success in television and on the big screen, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, decide to make a film that challenges them in al aspects with Team America: World Police, after its success South Park becomes more and more the voice of reason to many creating insane moments that have a rational message, followed by them concurring Broadway with their musical The Book of Mormon, and changing the course of their career and redefining for many the debate of high art vs. low art, becoming culturally by many the most significant comedy voice of the modern day. Part 3 of 3

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Part 2 of 3

After the release of South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone had become successful financially and found an audience, but their desire for longevity could only come through critical acclaim something that has alluded them through their early projects. Convincing the world that South Park was more than just a foul mouthed cartoon as initial critics report would be a seemingly impossible task. However by taking control and fighting against a major studio the duo would risk everything on an idea that nobody believed in besides them and change the course of their legacy, and how the world saw four little boys from a sleepy mountain town in Colorado. Part 2 of 3

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Part 1 of 3

Every comedic journey is rooted in conviction but for mainstream success most have to succumb to compromise, few achieve success without it. Becoming mainstream icons like Trey Parker and Matt Stone did without compromise is rare, the duo has done it all from stage, big screen, video games, and small screen. Conquering without compromise and motivated by creating ideas that should not work or be invested in. The origin of the duo started in Colorado and the non stop work ethic and goal of making each other laugh would be the groundwork and lead a cultural change in modern day comedy. Part 1 of 3

Colin Kapernick

The drive behind a great athlete can change and refocus and that defines the career of Colin Kaepernick thus far, after a glorious college run at the University of Nevada-Reno defeating the unstoppable Boise State a spotlight was placed on him. Big enough for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh to believe in him and draft him for the San Francisco 49ers, every opportunity given to him he embraced and excelled, but the path of sports and the desire for a Super Bowl Championship would seem less important as his career continued and take a back seat after one press conference after a preseason game in 2016, and change the course of his future. Part 1 of 2

The Cleveland Browns

Every sports team has a story full of ups and downs… not the Cleveland Browns of the NFL, a story full of heartbreaking lows, including have the team taken to another city in 1996, parades for losing every game in a season, having 30 different quarterbacks play in less than 20 years, and lose games in the most inventive ways professional football has ever seen, despite all this there’s no fanbase more devoted to pain and sadness with hope that never fades. Part 1 of 2

Chappelle's Show

This week we discuss the Second Season of the Chappelle’s Show, highlight the funniest sketches, the impact it had on America, if the were socially irresponsible, the power a comedian has on younger generations, and investigate his decision to walk away from a hit show and a 50 million dollar contract. Part 1 of 2