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A podcast about the history of individuals that offended society and in the process changed it, each week we examine one figure each week who truly offended, some for the positive and some for the negative, and how history sees them today.

Phil Anselmo

Anger is a gift for few and to voice that rage and have the masses consider it genuine and true comes from honesty. Phil Anselmo did just that in the early 90’s as the frontman of the iconic legendary band Pantera. Born in New Orleans, LA on June 30th, 1968 his native land, upbringing, and underground scene would lay the groundworks for confidence and strength in full form, with no time to be humble, the legacy of an underdog climbing a mountain would leave many questions in it’s path. Part 1 of 3

Peter Steele
"I think anyone who has an opinion, and voices it, will offend someone."

As I Lay Dying
Public opinion has a way of changing.

We tell the tale of Heavy Metal Icons As I Lay Dying, Frontman Tim Lambesis’s transformation through the years from Christian frontman to true narcissist, the mental change of a human from Christianity to Atheism, the importance of the band on the heavy metal scene, the rise of the Christian metal core scene, a breakdown of all their records, and a study of the the fall out after the unfortunate decision of Tim Lambesis on all the members of the band and his own family